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2019 ford f-450 ,crew cab What is a chassis cab truck &ford cab features

Whatis the attraction of earlythat fascinates adult males    
    Appearance, Size: Wheelbase is longer than Golf
  Compared to the Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram1500, the Ford F-450 has a clear advantage in size.  If the former is like a giant at McDonald's, the latter is at least the royal palace in Burger King.  The 6680 × 2664 × 2024 mm body size completely surpasses the two models previously offered.  It is necessary to know that at the top of the F-150 are the F-250 and F-350, and the protagonist of this article directly crosses the level of the F-450.  .
  The previous F-150 and RAM1500 came as a series of sports models.  Their appearance may suit the aesthetics of the country, but it is not the purest American pickup style.  Fortunately, today's F-450 finally makes up for this regret.  The chrome-plated decorative pieces from the net to the bumper, even though it is parked there, are very shiny, it is the dominance of American pickups.
  The F-450 is already part of the SUPER DUTY (heavy load) model in the Ford F-Series pickup, so it is also designed to be different from the F-150 Raptor described earlier.  The Raptor is a speed chase on non-paved roads, while the F-450 is a master of loading and towing.  It pays more attention to the capacity of vehicles to load and haul vehicles.
  With the support of six tires, the F-450 has a maximum payload of 2.7 tonnes, which is already beyond the average domestic level.  The huge fuel tank of 142 liters guarantees the vehicle's cruising range.  Is diesel exhaust gas treatment fluid weird?  It is actually the diesel engine urea additive we often call, its role is to reduce the ratio of nitrogen oxide to emissions.
  Power system: 6.7-liter V8 + 6-speed automatic transmission
  In the US market, the F-450 has a choice of a 6.2-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine and a 6.7-liter turbocharged diesel engine, and our main character today is equipped with a 6.7-liter turbocharged diesel engine with maximum power.  It reaches 400 horsepower and its maximum torque is 1,084 Nm.  With the help of a 6-speed automatic transmission, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 9 seconds.
  Loading and unloading capacity: maximum load of 2.7 tons, maximum traction of 11 tons
  Compared to previous entry-level pickups, the F-450 body's loading capacity is clearly much stronger.  With four editors, the 450 is still nearly half the space unused.  Wires longer than 1000 nm are also not vegetarian.  If you are pulling a garage with the top five wheels, its maximum pulling capacity can reach 11 tons.
  The vehicle's feature maintains the outstanding performance of the F-series pickup.  It is easier and more convenient to turn the car on and off with paddles and armrests.  With just a few simple operations, paddles and handrails can be opened for the upper and lower buckets.  This is the hoax.  The RAM1500 Sports Edition does not have a configuration, the cost is not high but is very intimate.
  Vision experience: double lens exterior mirrors are good
Ford bronco

  The high and large body made the field of vision in front of the car worse, and the 4.6 meter display was 1 meter longer than the previous two models.  The lateral field of view is improved as the design of the dual exterior mirror lens is improved.  The rear mirror can be seen from a stack 3.4 meters away from the parking lot.  Such a feeling can be satisfying.
  For the average driver, it is not easy to drive the pickup to complete reverse storage, and the F-450 mid-low model we have experienced does not have a reversing image system.  It is not for models with a length of more than 6 meters.  Somewhat embarrassing, we should know that China's complex road conditions and diverse pedestrians are not encountered by American drivers.
  The engine intake of the F-450 is also about one meter in front of the car.  There should be no problem in dealing with medium level water.  If it is a modified excitation, you can directly install a higher intake pipe to increase the capacity of the vehicle.
  Center console: Low-profile models lack LCD
  The F-450's interior design is not very new, originally retaining the F-150's design, material and workmanship, but the XLT models we experience are at the middle and lower end of the entire system, so e.g.  For center console display screen, driving computer display light etc., are not equipped with display functions.
  The vehicle light extension function on the F-150 model is also present on the F-450.  In the future, when installing lighting equipment, it may lead directly to the reserved four switches, a design that is convenient for subsequent modification.
  Space: continues to be huge
  Since the experience of American pickup trucks, space has never been a problem we're concerned about.  Of course, the introduction of models for the crew body has a lot to do with it.  The 175cm veteran has a very good place to feel in the front and back rows.  The average height of only one family is more than 190 cm.
  The horizontal location is equally satisfactory, after all, the width of the vehicle has reached more than 2600 mm.  Whether seated front or rear, both passengers can maintain a very comfortable seating position, and the wide and soft central armrest is also a difficult experience for car owners.
  Daily storage: no problem
  The F-450 has a much larger storage space.  It is designed for four cup holders in the middle of the front row.  The storage capacity of the front center armrest box, glove box and door panel is not to be underestimated.  Therefore, in terms of daily storage capacity, the F-450 need not worry.

  Parameter configuration

  Basic parameters
  Full name of car Ford / Import 6.7L
  Maximum Speed ​​(km / h)
  Official 0-100 acceleration
  Measured 0-100 acceleration (s)
  Measured 100-0 Brake (m)
  Comprehensive Working Conditions Fuel Consumption
  Fuel consumption measured
  Vehicle warranty
  Time to market
  Optional color
  Car body
  Length (mm) 6680
  Width (mm) 2438
  Height (mm) 2024
  Container Length (mm)
  Container Width (mm)
  Container Height (mm)
  Wheelbase (mm) 4379
  Front track (mm)
  Rear Track (mm)
  Minimum ground clearance (mm) 203
  Quality of treatment (kg) 5919 kg
  Total mass (kg)
  Rated Load Mass (kg)
  Body structure SUV
  Number of doors 4
  Number of seats (A) 5
  Fuel tank volume (L) 140
  Volume of luggage compartment (L)
  The engine
  engine model
  Intake Type, naturally aspirated
  Engine V Type
  Number of cylinders
  Number of valves per cylinder
  Compression ratio
  Gas delivery system DOHC
  Bore diameter
  Maximum horsepower (PS)
  Maximum power (kW) 390kW
  Maximum lightning speed (rpm)
  Torque (N · m) 996
  Maximum Torque Speed ​​(rpm)
  Engine specific technology
  Fuel type diesel
  Fuel number other
  Oil supply method
  Cylinder head material
  Cylinder material cast iron
  Environmental standards
  Number of gears 6
  Gearbox automatic gearbox
  Chassis steering
  Drive Mode Front Wheel Drive
  Front suspension type independent suspension
  Rear Suspension Type Leaf Spring
  Electrical type electrohydraulic power
  Car body structure
  Wheel brake
  Front brake type
  Rear brake type ventilated disc
  Parking brake electronic parking brake
  Front tire specifications LT245 / 75R17
  Rear Tire Specifications LT245 / 75R17
  Spare tire specifications full size
  safety device
  Driver Seat Airbag -
  Co-pilot Airbags -
  Front Side Airbags -
  Rear Side Airbags -
  Front head airbag (air curtain) -
  Rear Head Airbag (Air curtain) -
  Knee airbags -
  The door is closed by itself
  Door not closed warning light
  Tire Pressure Monitoring Device -
  Zero tire pressure continues -
  Seat belts are not attached -
  ISO FIX Child Seat Interface -
  LATCH Child Seat Interface -
  Engine electronic anti-theft -
  Central control lock in car
Ford f 450
Ford f 450


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