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Chibibro Revival

 Please note that this is not the final information yet.  But that day is near.    Ford Bronco.
Ford Bronco

 Much information has been found about the above, and although it was cited by Ford as "put out", it was the first time it was released as a shape.

 Speaking of previous information, there was information that the Bronco is a reprint of the popular name Sibiro, the new Bronco is an off-road car intended to overwhelm the Wrangler, or that the name only uses the Bronco and as a whole  The small SUV becomes as far as the picture above is concerned, so it appears to be a reprint of Sibibro.

 In addition, the engine to be installed is expected to be a 2.3L Straight 4 EcoBoost Turbo engine.

 However, this picture is being debated in the US media.  "This photo is only a prototype and not a production model, so I don't know if it will be released in this form."

 Also, information that "this photo may be a small Bronco as a derivative model after                                                                                  the new Bronco appears

 In any case, the appearance of the SUV giving the image of the old Bronco is expected.

 First Bronco with a small body and city riding concept.  Nevertheless, the fact that it was equipped with a large displacement V8 engine was the reason for its popularity. 

 By the way, what is Bronco?  When FM Bronco was revived in 2020, officials revealed at the Detroit Motor Show venue

 FM officials said the naming of the FM Bronco will be restored in 2020 as a new global SUV.

 The New Bronco is not a mid-size 4x4, but a style compared to current FM SUVs.  In 2020, the base is called the next generation Ranger pickup.  Jazz

 The new Bronco will be a model for the global market, not the traditional American model, and is also intended for sale in Europe.  2020 Ford Bronco [Ford Bronco]

 An attention that seems popular in the Ford brand

       Featuring 2020 Bronco     
                                                                 Removable new "Air Roof": six modular roof panels that drive almost the entire vehicle.
 You can also choose the spare tire attached to the tailgate.
Ford bronco news

 It is a neo-classic car with a round headlight and inset grille on the exterior, and a fusion of retro design and modern technology.

 In drive train
 The GETRAG MT-88 7-speed manual transmission will be sold in a whispered 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6 engine.

 Both will appear in 2-door and 4-door models

 The estimated base price for the Ford Bronco in 2020 is approximately $ 30,000.

 Bronco connection
 Ford branded the small unibody SUV as the "Bron Cascout".