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2019 Ford fiesta st

   2019 Ford fiesta st             
2019 ford fiesta st
                                                  what why hey what's up ready for monday's rise and i am back here at walker ford on a rainy floor today but guess what that does not stop razor ride from green the reviews to what we have is this the party is officially over this is at two thousand nineteen ford fiesta st now if you have been living under a rock or in some way you know that ford calling out all passenger car production here in the united states cars like the focused gone the hue is it going that is gone obviously this is the focus it closes are gone from when the year twenty nine fm decided to produce the fiesta ST and it's a shame that the party is over because this is a fun little hatchback a hot hatch that has tons of great handling some of that performance and ita hard and just some styling beverly separate from the rest of the crowd that was interesting of you one of my subscribers across the pond in england or germany or what you guys are enjoying your twenty nineteen ford fiesta st you can join next generation that's in line three cylinder hot activate saw squash control you guys are having all the fun this one is one maturity let's go ahead and talk about what we have here in the states of final year final generation of the two thousand nineteen fiesta ST what separates you from your normal fiesta is this whole process i would like the way they brought i'm aggression and the such a small tiny car i like help with a product you have the slower side areas that actually incorporate to enter functions in your worksheets pause lights i love this magnetic great color is really works with the carb and the sun has a nice shine to it lock the front grill area affects additional hexagon and grill ask to use theirs for sports technologies alternate that hi is there a little extra fun to one point six liter turbo charged eco boost motor is what's out a check over two hundred horsepower edit made it to a select shipping fix my transmission i love the way on the front of the STS they incorporated the lower lip spoiler just a very cohesive package and i really like that let's go ahead and go to the side and you gotta see some difference in here now this one has the option of payment will you get a beautiful block black wheels the red roof redone works perfect


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