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2020 Ford explorer st

             2020 ford explorer st           
2020 Ford explorer xt
2020 Ford explorer st
                                                      yo on yo are has been one of the quint essential are essentially help start the suvs craze here in this country in over the years i want to report a few changes just like this all new six generation export box the biggest change in the explorers nearly three a long history and say just outside of stevenson washington with the rest of the members of the automotive blogs sushi bar menu option best performance cars performance i want to answer you are fighting an all new rig platform this performance is the version what's up the bar even higher for the family and it's way to find out the a. it's hard to believe that the order has been around since nineteen ninety one so that receives so many changes with the explorer it's been through some good time also been through some bad times but really for two thousand twenty with all new six duration for is looking to reinvent the explorer completely because i like the exterior which doesn't look all that knew underneath this is all new chassis riding on we will drive platform it's gone completely new hire training this one here is the hottest next florida forever building the explorer is the high performance version of this vehicle let's first start with the design of the new explorers i don't particularly love the front end of this vehicle now you can help has obviously made some changes here but unlike the previous generation which had more about blocks to shape this one here just lost a little bit odd for me i don't really like the new lender um horizontal headlights you got me full me the headlines read me standard this one here has kind look and upgraded y'all have turn signals up here on high beams at the new house the fog lights here this is probably why i don't like the designin the most i don't like being like this i what is the fourth of july with a circular design for the fog lights BST model include some unique styling touches need black winter girl with the blackout headlights the block down and words that explorer in the front kinda like its like a range rover something like that would let me know the comment below what you guys think of the look at the new explore for me i think the old one actually looks alot better now looking at the rest of the performers in this vehicle ford actually didn't make it that much longer than the previous generation and hundred ninety nine inches long overall it's about five inches longer than something like that you can tell you right or the super that's what i did stretches the wheel base is a hundred and nineteen inches long now there will be a seven inch stretch compared to the previous generations because this vehicle is running a new tripod for you can see for has really pushed farther into


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